Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Nikki and Manny's Wedding (Makeup)

I'm on a role over here with these blog posts, but I can't help it! So this weekend was my cousin Manny's wedding! The whole family was uber-excited because he's pretty much one of the favorites! We all love us some Manny! I was honored to have been asked to do his wife's makeup for the wedding! Nikki has beautiful features and amazing eyes and I was just so excited for the opportunity.

I'm not gonna lie, I was a little intimidated, only because I had never done "white girl" makeup lol! He even texted me askin, "You know how to do makeup on white girls?" I've done makeup for pretty much every other type. But I was confident that I would do a good job. We didn't have much prep time since the wedding was put together pretty fast, but it all turned out great in the end.

The wedding was awesome, but the Bride...oh, she was stunning! And I was proud to have "hooked her up"! She made it super easy for me! I'm so happy for my Manny and Nikki and they give me hope that one day, I can have something as beautiful as what they have. They have a baby on the way and that baby is gonna be blessed with the best parents ever. (Can you tell I love my cousin?)

Okay, so enough with the mushy stuff and on to the makeup stuff. I will list the products that I used, as best as I can remember:

Face: MAC's Prep&Prime, Coastal Scents Camouflage Palette, Corrector Quad and MAC's Studio Fix Fluid, MAC's Studio Fix Powder and Blot Powder.
Cheeks: To contour I used an NYC Bronzer in Sunny, MAC Blushes in Enough Said and Notable.
Lips: MAC Lipstick in Embraceable and MAC lipglass in Nymphette.
Eyes: MAC Eyeshadows - Espresso, Brun, Carbon, Vex, Soft Brown, Vanilla, and Dazzlelight. Maybelline's LineWorks Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner, Loreal Voluminous Mascara, Red Cherry Lashes (forgot the #), and Embark/Brun for eyebrows.

*sigh* I think that was everything!

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*Besos and Love*
The One and Only Lex


  1. I know I have told you this over and over again but she is gorgeous! You did an awesome job!

  2. Awesome job! Im getting married next year and I am looking for a makeup artist for my bridesmaids, what are your rates?

  3. wow i love it! you did a great job! i'm a new follower. ;)