Wednesday, March 31, 2010

African Black Soap and Unrefined Shea Butter from Coastal Scents

Okay, I didn't know which thing to talk about first...if you know me, you know that I have random ass thoughts in my head all the time, so its hard for me to choose one thing specifically. I will soon launch my YouTube channel where I will discuss beauty stuff, make tutorials and just share my thoughts!

Anyway, this blog here is about the aaahhh-mazing African Black Soap and Unrefined Shea Butter. So these two products were part of my Coastal Scents haul ( and I've been using them for the past 4 days and am so in love! These two products combined have made me question my whole existence, well not really but...they are like gold in a plastic bag. My skin feels super smooth and the dry patches I had on my face from my Eczema are gone! Yes, gone! I had a few breakouts and they are pretty much gone!

The texture of the soap is a little weird at first, its kind of crumbly but after you wet it a little its fine. The shea butter needs to be worked into your skin because it is pretty raw. But your skin feels great after. (If you have oily skin, you might just want to use the shea butter at night.) I have combination skin and it works fine. In the morning I let it sit for a little bit before applying a blot powder. I know I haven't been using this products for a long time, but I already see great results. I can't wait to see how my skin will look 2 weeks from now, a month from now...of course I'll keep you all updated!

I'm gonna "copy and paste" some stuff that I read on some websites while doing my research. Click on the links if you'd like to know more information.

The Benefits of African Black Soap

Not just your average, everyday bar soap, black soap is known as quite the wonder product! It has been recognized for its abilities to relieve acne scarring, reduce oily skin, clear blemishes, eliminate skin irritations, like rashes, reduce the discomforts associated with eczema and psoriasi! (Need I say more?)

The Benefits of Unrefined Shea Butter

Raw, unrefined shea butter is good for dry skin, skin rashes, skin peeling after tanning, sunburn, blemishes, cracked heels and skin, itchy skin, frost bite, stretch marks, scars, chapped lips, eczema, small wounds or scrapes, diaper rash, hair moisturizer, burns, athlete's foot, insect bites and stings, arthritis, muscle fatigue, sunburn, and scrapes. (Pow!)

Alright, I'm done with my raving...back to work! My boss is probably wondering why I'm typing so much.

*Besos and Love*
The One and Only Lex

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  1. Great review. I was actually thinking of ordering the shea butter and soap from them but wanted to know how everyone liked it. I have severe dry skin and right now the lotions aren't doing it for me. Definitely going to have to check this out.